Get Smart

The more you run or cycle the better at running or cycling you will be! There’s a truth in this, but we can be smarter. Training is an overload or stress applied to the body with the aim of triggering a response or adaptation to be become better suited to a task. In the case … More Get Smart

Compose yourself

For most riders, a bike fit will only give marginal gains but it’s potentially one of the biggest short term changes you can make to your performance and comfort. Most retailers offer a cursory static or even basic dynamic fit, but if you’re going to be spending significant time in the saddle, it’s worth taking it a step further. … More Compose yourself

Tapering – What is it and should I be doing it?

What exactly is tapering? Put simply, tapering is the practise of reducing your training load in the days or weeks before an important event. That’s the short answer, but the nature that tapering takes depends on what kind of sport you’re training for, what level of athlete you are and how important the event is … More Tapering – What is it and should I be doing it?