Train Hungry, Train Hard

Graham Martin joins the newly-formed Team Vitfor as a triathlete hungry for success in the 2018 season.

From GB cycling team junior to Ironman triathlete, Graham’s successful sport-switch is proof that (not so old) dogs can learn new tricks!

Graham Martin #1

“In 2015, after a 14 year break, I decided to get back into competitive sport. Previously as a junior I had been on the GB cycling team for a few years and, having enjoyed some success back then, I set out wanting to get a taste of that again and was hungry for the challenge of triathlon. The running and swimming elements were complete unknowns to me and with the fire in my belly I set about getting fit.”

Graham Martin #4

“Unfortunately my enthusiasm and drive weren’t quite enough to make up for my outdated knowledge of training and I soon became over trained, followed by a string of injuries from running too much and swimming too hard.”

“I managed to get round the 70.3 races in my first year and after 12 months embarked on my first full Ironman on target at a smidge over 11hrs, followed by the second five weeks later when I started to fatigue a bit. I regrouped for another at the end of the year to top it off. This felt like a great success at first but I had plateaued and was doing too much quantity and not enough quality, consequently I was frequently getting struck down with illnesses and colds.”

Graham Martin #2

“It was at this point I searched for the best coaching I could find and joined Vitfor. Since then I’ve spent the last 12 months following the programme written by Vitfor mastermind Craig Stevenson and have gone from strength to strength.”

“The volume in my training was completely stripped back and the hard sessions had a capital H!! The first thing to improve was my health, barely having a sniffle all year, followed by my running niggles clearing up in my achilles, ankles and shins. Then came the PBs came tumbling down with a 1:20 half marathon, 4:27 at half distance Ironman and a 9:34 full Ironman.”

Graham Martin #5

“Looking forward, I’m humbled and excited to have my efforts recognised by Vitfor with a place on their race team for 2018 and I really can’t wait to get stuck into the season! Racing alongside team mates who include world age group champions and elite race winners certainly means I’ll have my work cut out to justify my place, but with the rigour behind my training programme and my own grit and determination, I know I’ve got a good season ahead.”

Graham uses Vitfor FTW training software to manage and track the bulk of his training with additional one-to-one oversight from Vitfor founder and Expert Coach, Craig Stevenson.



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