Training With Kettlebells

Improve your strength and mobility ahead of the 2018 race season with these simple weight exercises.

Byron Spence #2

Vitfor Strength and Conditioning expert, Byron Spence, suggests these three exercises to help with hip mechanics and firing pattern order, which are key for runners and cyclists. They can be done with any weights, although Kettlebells are shown in the examples.

  1. Deadlift single arm, single leg with single Kettlebell

Place your Kettlebell on a stool approximately six to twelve inches high or on the ground.

KB #1.1

Stand in front and slightly under the stool with your feet a couple of inches apart. Begin a single leg hip hinge by reaching back with one leg and creating a straight line.

KB #1.2

Grasp the Kettlebell firmly making sure that the shoulder girdle is depressed and retracted. Keep the spine perfectly aligned by engaging the lats and push the static foot into the ground with the big toe and heel.

KB #1.3

Slowly, hip hinge and stand up with straight arms as the Kettlebell moves to the side and the feet come together.

KB #1.4

Return the Kettlebell to the foot of the stool by reversing the movement. Repeat this movement for the desired number of repetitions and then change legs.


  1. Deadlift double leg, double arm with single Kettlebell

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and the Kettlebell in line with the heels of the feet. Begin in a neutral stance with the ears, shoulders, hips, and knees in proper alignment and the arms resting comfortably in front.

KB #2.1

Perform a hip hinge pattern by flexing at the hips while maintaining a neutral spine. Once the hand is near the weights, grasp the handle tightly to promote spinal stability.

KB #2.2

Engage the hamstrings by slightly raising the hips, so that the knees are vertical. Once the hamstrings feel taught begin to extend the hips forward until proper posture is achieved.

KB #2.3

Throughout the movement, make sure the head and neck are neutral and there is no rounding of the back.

When lowering the weights back to the floor, it should be performed the same way as when picking up the weight.


  1. Half-kneeling to stand with single Kettlebell

Start from the half-kneeling position and place the front feet along a narrow line or as close to directly in line with one another as possible. The heel of the front foot should be almost touching the kneeling knee. Grasp and raise the Kettlebell above your head using the same arm as the bent knee.

KB #3.2


From this position, simply stand up and straighten both legs. This movement is used as an exercise to facilitate balance and posture while standing up from a kneeling position.

KB #3.3


Byron Spence has over 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer bringing strength and conditioning and functional movement screening and corrective exercise to his clients’ bespoke training plans. To contact Byron, email 

Movement competency and technique are important to the team at Vitfor, so if you have any issues or pain performing these exercises then please seek a professionals advice.



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