Vitfor Ultimate combines the very best of expert online training with weekly one-to-one supervision and leading-edge physiological and biomechanical testing to take your performance from good to great.

With Vitfor Ultimate you will use our flagship Vitfor FTW online programme to structure and personalise your training.  A weekly review of your training results by one of our Expert Coaches will assess your performance and provide targeted feedback to ensure you’re maximising your time and focus.

Your Expert Coach will also be on-hand to support your race and key event planning and to oversee your regular four-monthly VO2 Max physiological and biomechanical testing, giving you the feedback, direction, structure and support you need to see significant improvements in your performance.


Annie Testing

We’ve brought together the latest ideas is sports physiology, computing power and leading-edge testing to create the perfect training system for cyclists and runners. 

  1. Begin with a full VO2 Max* test and discovery session to validate your current performance levels, identify your goals and aspirations and provide the initial structure for your ongoing training
  2. Train using our flagship Vitfor FTW online training programme which adapts to your training preferences and performance
  3. Your Expert Coach will review your weekly training results and provide feedback through your choice of email, telephone or Skype
  4. Re-test every four months to evaluate your progress and to support your ongoing training programme

Your highly personalised training programme, weekly coaching and regular testing will help ensure you are seeing the improvements you want and reaching your full potential.

*All VO2 Max testing is carried out at the OTE Performance Centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire


Designed specifically for cyclists, runners and duathletes, Vitfor Ultimate is for those athletes who want to go from good to great. Providing a combination of online training, one-to-one coaching and regular testing, it can help you to launch into the competitive arena at National and International level.


Amy Souter #2

A year after starting her Vitfor training and testing, and with Craig Stevenson’s expertise on-hand to shape her strategy, Amy achieved her goal in going from Regional to National Champion.

“Through the 2016 season, I got mixed results but won the regionals and accrued enough points to get my elite licence. I knew I had the potential to go further and it was a meeting with Craig that made me realise just how much I had been winging it with my training.

He helped give focus to my training sessions and provided the strategy I needed to target certain races. 2017 was all about the British Cycling XCM National Championship – I was mentally and physically prepared and got the win when it really mattered.

Vitfor suits any type of rider and lifestyle. I have a hectic schedule and fitting in the training I need to do isn’t easy – but with Vitfor, I’ve been able to make the most out of my time and achieve massive improvements in my performance.”


To start your Vitfor Ultimate expert training, or to find out more:

Call: 07973 118112




£195 per month incl. VAT



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